Irish dance became famous in the 1990s because of "Riverdance." This class will have a combination of learning both soft and hard shoe dances. Irish hard shoe is known for its quick steps and rapid leg movements while making beautiful percussion rhythms similar to Tap. Irish soft shoe is graceful and focuses more on leaps, jumps and using some Ballet technique. 

Bring Jazz shoes/Ballet shoes for the soft shoe style and tap shoes for the hard shoe style. Please wear skin tight clothes that can show your feet and upper body. 


Bollywood is a new high energy, popular style of dance and has been performed on the TV show, "So You Think You Can Dance." It is a blend of Hip Hop, Jazz and classical Indian dancing. This class focuses on classical Indian and Bollywood techniques. 

Barefoot is how we will dance this unique style but bring some Jazz/Ballet shoes and wear something you can move in.