Emily Ney

Emily Ney

Emily is a bright and talented dancer who lights up the stage. When she dances, she uses her entire body, not just her feet.  Her energy literally comes off the lines she creates with her arms and legs, and her face radiates the joy that she feels when she dances.  I currently have her in my Chinese group dancein SVAD’s production of The Nutcracker. She is enthusiastic in learning choreography and always has many ideas to add to a dance. I enjoy working with her every time I have the opportunity.

Lynn Walker

My name is Emily Ney and I have been dancing at Skagit Valley Academy of Dance since 2007.  I first started dancing at 4 years old because my sister Sarah was dancing and I wanted to be exactly like her. After a year I had fallen in love with dancing. In second grade I decided to skip a year of dance and I missed it a lot. That summer I knew I wanted to dance again.

Until third grade I had only taken three styles of dance ballet, tap, and jazz. That summer I enrolled in my first lyrical class thanks to my teacher who encouraged me to take it. She was right, now lyrical is one of my favorite styles of dance.

My favorite dance style is either a combination of lyrical/ballet or tap. Lyrical and ballet are so different but yet the same to me. They both are beautiful and convey a purposeful meaning in a graceful and detailed way. Tap is so energetic and fun with its rhythm and bounce. Tap to some people may sound like a lot of meaningless sounds but to me it’s all a collection of intricate movements that makes something come alive.Performing is one of my favorite aspects of dance. I have been in 10 performances so far and look forward to more. The thrill of being on stage is amazing and I absolutely love it! During a performance you feel a rush of adrenaline even after you've been dancing for hours and you just get to enjoy what you’ve worked so hard on and share it with others. People think dance is easy but in reality being a good dancer is very hard.

There is no way I would be where I am right now if it wasn’t for all my teachers and their time and effort to help me become educated in dance. I would never be the person I am today if it wasn’t for dance.