Erika Hansen began teaching for us at a young age, taking on characteristics not usually found in peers her age. Being the oldest of three Hansen family dancers, she took on the challenge of leadership quickly.

When challenged with teaching and choreographing for some of our larger classes, and at precarious ages, Erika met those challenges wholeheartedly and set out to prove that she too is an inspiration within our academy.

Erika can "see" movements and formations in her mind, and create beautiful works of art on stage. Teaching and choreographing for both recreational and competitive purposes, Erika has truly impressed us! She finds joy in letting the music "move and inspire" her, and strives to convey that feeling to her students while creating interesting contemporary works.

Shelly Lowe-Whan and Kelly Fellers - Directors

Erika Hansen has been dancing with SVAD since 2008 and has been a teacher since 2011. She brings her love of dance to her students and loves to watch them grow in her classes. She has performed in and choreographed for several Nutcrackers, Recitals and competition pieces.
Erika has received high praise from the SVAD Directors and her peers for her large dance group staging and choreography at performances and competitions.
Erika is very passionate about many art forms in addition to dance. She enjoys singing, drawing, painting, and acting. Erika is exploring how she will integrate these into her future career and personal life, knowing it will involve art and traveling.