Kelli Perry is one of the best parts of our SVAD family! Among one of the very first students Shelly & Kelly taught when they first became instructors themselves, Kelli has had a direct impact on the teaching styles of SVAD.

Dancing here through her school years and then returning later to teach, mentor, coach, choreograph and raise her own little dancer, Jenna Lee, Kelli Perry has influenced countless young dancers.

Now while choreographing a variety of Nutcracker roles and numerous outstanding competition pieces, Kelli most delights in her classes with her "Littles." Her warm smile, contagious laugh and her natural approach to teaching all styles, has truly been embraced by both her young students and their parents.

Kelli understands all that dance can bring to a student's life and cherishes the opportunity to guide them, prepare them for their next steps and truly "make a difference" in each of their lives!

Shelly Lowe-Whan and Kelly Fellers - Directors

Kelli Perry is our 'Senior Employee', having been employed by Skagit Valley Academy of Dance for over 16 years. She began her dancing career as a young child and quickly fell into the roll of teacher while still in high school. Teaching, for Kelli, has been a blessing that she so affectionately shares with her students. Well aware that she makes a difference in the lives of the young dancers she teaches, Kelli nurtures and protects the souls of her students while maintaining discipline and structure in her classes.

I have been teaching at SVAD for 25 years and I am thankful for the opportunities I have had here. I now have the children of past students in my classes! I started dancing with Kelly and Shelly when I was just a young girl at Susan Cooper School of Dance and performed in many recitals. My first solo was a tap routine and I was “Dancing Popcorn”, which shows you how far we’ve come! I also danced the role of the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz and performed with Dansations for several years. We even made the long trip by train to our first National Competition in Las Vegas when I was 15. Little did I know when that I would be making the trip every other year for the next 30 years. As well as taking classes in Mount Vernon I also travelled to Seattle regularly for extra classes in Jazz and Ballet. While in Boston, working as a nanny, I continued to take classes at the Jeanette Neil dance studio and took classes from amazing teachers and frequented the Jazz master classes taught by Dwight Rhoden of Alvin Alley.

While teaching at SVAD I have had the opportunity to attend workshops each year through Dance Educations of American and have choreographed for our yearly production of the Nutcracker, our Recitals and for Dansations. I truly love what I do and have been so proud to have shared my love of dance with my daughter Jenna, who has started her first year of college this year. She started dancing at 3 ½ and never stopped! I am so lucky to do what I do, I teach the very young dancers as well as the oldest students and it is so fun to see these kids grow up at SVAD.