Donna Carroll

Donna Carroll

Donna Carroll graced SVAD in 1993, and has been a bright light ever since. Her vast knowledge, patient teaching style and genuine enthusiasm are infectious!

Donna brings a unique talent for assessing dancers, their strengths and challenges, to maximize their dance potential. Her attention to detail, coupled with her understanding of anatomy and a "body in motion" allows her students to focus on specifics while improving their technique.

She has a joyful and positive approach to technique, as well as a true passion for music, theater and dance.

Donna Carroll is a gem, and we are privileged to have her as part of our SVAD family!

Shelly Lowe-Whan and Kelly Fellers - Directors

Donna has been on the Skagit Valley academy of Dance Teaching staff since the spring of 1993. As she continues to perform whenever she can, teaching is the way to best share her knowledge of technique and performance. “Watching a student give their all, then realize they have improved, is the greatest joy for any teacher of dance.”

Donna started dancing in her home town, Hollywood CA, at the age of 4. Her first dance school was the same as her fathers, Meglin Kiddies studios. When they closed she followed her teachers The Ward Sisters. at 12 she studied with french ballerina Mmd. Kathryn Charisse Etienne. During the high school years she studied at Eugene Loring’s American School of Ballet. here she studied with ballet masters Jack Kauflin & Paul Gleason, Jazz masters Joe Bennett and Joe Tremain.

Studied Costuming at University of Southern California in Los Angeles and Voice at College of the Desert in Palm Desert CA. While living in the Palm Springs area she studied Jazz .with Tianne Saunders.

Donna (in red) at Disneyland

Donna (in red) at Disneyland

Professional experience include a wide variety of areas. most notably, she was a “pick-up” Hair stylist for the movies”Private Resort” with Johnny Depp & “Night Patrol” with the unknown comic Murray Langston as well as a on screen as a news reporter in “Night Patrol”. Appeared as a Dance Extra in the movie “Grease”, Various variety musical shows that never made it to TV.

Donna (in green) in  Grease

Donna (in green) in Grease

On the Road with Dom Deluise as a Dancer/Singer. She has performed with a disco group called “Funk ‘Y’ This” that toured the Playboy Club circuit. 2 years with Joy Healey Productions performing & Choreographing various dinner theatre musical shows.

Donna is active choreographing local theatrical productions in the Skagit Valley and when possible, will be part of the cast. “Personally I cannot imagine a world without the performing arts. It is a creative way to express any kind of energy or thought, make a point, and not impede, hurt or intrude on anyone.”