Rosie Ackermann

Rosie Ackermann

I have previously worked with Rosie for a couple seasons of Dansations when she was younger. It is so fun to see much she has grown in the last few years.  She has developed into a beautiful dancer.  Currently, I am working with her on her Spanish solo number for The Nutcracker. She is wonderful to work with as she is willing to try anything choreographically, and takes instruction with ease. Her pleasant attitude makes developing the “perfect” dance for her a joy.

Lynn Walker


Hi, my name is Rosie Ackermann. I've been dancing since I was 5 years old. It wasn't always very easy for me to pick up on dancing, actually my parents were going to take me out of dance once when I was younger because I wasn't  learning the steps well. Then shortly after my parents thought I should give dancing a break, I was about 7 & I had an amazing teacher who really made me understand & work hard and get it. It clicked and I've had a very strong love and passion for dance ever since. 

I am in the Honors dance classes where I take tap, jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary & a bit of hip hop. I love dancing & right now I'm dancing about 14 hours a week with my awesome dance family. My week includes regular dance classes as well as the rehearsals for the yearly SVAD Nutcracker production in December at McIntyre Hall. I'm also rehearsing for the Spring Dansations team competitions.  It has been really amazing to get to know and love all the awesome teachers and Dancers; growing up with them for 10 years & counting, has been a lot of fun & a super great opportunity for me.

I have been in many SVAD recitals, Nutcracker performances, and Dansation team competitions throughout the 10 years that I have been dancing & I've absolutely loved every single one of them. I am very excited to have my very first solo in this year's Nutcracker, as the "Spanish" dancer. I'm having so much fun with it. 

I really want to thank my family for supporting me in my dancing. They always drive me to & from dance, sometimes even a few times a day; they buy me every one of my pairs of pointe shoes as I need them, and they attend every single one of my  performances!  One of my 3 brothers once said, " I don't exactly want to go...AGAIN!" But he did! I'm very blessed with my amazing family, all of them, I love them very much. 

Dance will ALWAYS be a part of my life. In what way? I can't wait to see!