Tessa McIlraith - Instructor

Tessa McIlraith

Tessa McIlraith

Tessa Mcilraith is also a SVAD alumni.  Tessa danced under the direction of both Shelly and Kelly for many years before graduating and furthering her education as a nurse. 

Now that she has two delightful daughters dancing with us, Tessa finds herself once again in the classroom. Now as an instructor.

Tessa works in our Acrobatics division, training the beginners through advanced dancers.  She has proven to be a great addition to our faculty, stressing technique and a thoughful approach to both the basics and the "tricks"...always with a smile on her face! 

Shelly Lowe-Whan and Kelly Fellers - Directors

I have been dancing as long as I can remember. My first class was in kindergarten in Alaska where we danced with balloons. I danced at SVAD for about 6 years. I competed with the Dansations group and performed in the Nutcracker. I moved to Oregon where I continued in competitive dance and cheerleading. To supplement my skills I helped with children's gymnastics. I have always had a passion for dance, gymnastics and performing. Dance has been an artistic outlet for me for years. I am so excited that I have 2 girls enjoying dance and finding their passion at SVAD. I love working with kids and helping them push themselves to grow.