To inspire young dancers to develop a lifetime of confidence, discipline and creativity through quality education in a nurturing environment. 

Our staff has been carefully chosen, not only for their teaching abilities, but for those qualities that make an excellent teacher... patience, a caring attitude, and the gift of inspiring students by the example of their enthusiasm.

SVAD both encourages and assists it's staff in the pursuit of continued education, inspiration and motivation in their teaching techniques.

Kelly Fellers

Shelly Lowe-Whan


Kelly Fellers & Shelly Lowe-Whan    Co-Directors

Skagit Valley Academy of Dance can trace its roots back as far as 1967.  As young dancers themselves, Kelly (Swett) Fellers & Shelly (Lowe) Whan, danced together throughout their school years and truly grew to love ALL that DANCE brings to life in a person! In 1984 they purchased the studio they grew up in and later renamed it as Skagit Valley Academy of Dance.  SVAD was created in the pursuit of inspiring young dancers to develop grace, technique, discipline, and the joy of dancing, all in a nurturing and caring environment.  We foster strong young men and women within our community, many of whom take these disciplines and skills across the county, and around the world. 

Offering classes for Tots to Adult, Beginner to Pre - Professional, in every sense, we VALUE our relationship with all of our students!

We strive to use our inspirations and goals for our students as our guiding principles in each class taught at SVAD.  



I started dancing at the age of 8 and loved the art of dance, and throughout my high school years was able to teach it. Enjoying dance, I moved to San Diego for more of a challenge and  having some great mentors, who encouraged me to audition, I started dancing on a cruise ship the "SS Azure Seas" and the dancers on the ship were called "Dansations", it was a wonderful life experience. 

Which led me to come back to my home town and was given the opportunity to purchase the dance school, I had gown up in. 

After 36 years, I still enjoy teaching students the beauty, strength and joy that comes from them exploring their abilities, as they build confidence to strengthen their skills and become well rounded dancers and people. It is an amazing experience and precious gift.  

"I teach these young dancers, we learn together, I grow with them, but most of all, I love them."



As a self-proclaimed "people person", it has always been my goal to connect with others in a meaningful way. I first began my "creative approach" to expression & connection, in the theater at the young age of 10. Quickly realizing my innate love of the Arts, I transitioned into DANCE when I was 12...it was love at first sight!    

Dance, and teaching dance, have allowed me the unique arena to create, express,  share, and most importantly, connect.  I am continuously blessed by all of the talented and inspiring student dancers, their families, my colleagues and mentors that have guided me along this journey.  Throughout my tenure as co-director of SVAD, my life has been enriched by the vast experiences gleaned from the countless students whom I have been honored to teach.  Each student is individual and unique, and each challenging me to be at my best for them. I truly believe that, in my teachings, I am still learning...what a special gift!