Passion, Respect, Integrity, Discipline, Inspire, Commitment, Acceptance, Inclusion, Mentoring, Alignment, Conscious Agreement, Love, Best Selves...

When you truly have PASSION for dance, you RESPECT it, and all that it encompasses.  In respecting dance, you give it the INTEGRITY it deserves.  This includes the choreography, the instruction, and the DISCIPLINE necessary to reach our shared goals.  


This process not only encourages your success, but will INSPIRE others.  A genuine COMMITMENT, to self and team, is required in order to achieve all of this. 

ACCEPTANCE and INCLUSION of others is what we strive to stand for.  SVAD aspires to be a safe and trusting environment where we can feel safe in exposing our vulnerabilities, letting dance and our support team allow us to feel, express, and move others through dance.

We together can MENTOR the next generation of dancers, as we have been mentored by those before us.

2017 SVAD Dansations's Team.JPG

When we are all in ALIGNMENT with these values, and believe in a CONSCIOUS AGREEMENT, we will better LOVE each other, revel in this shared VISION, and be our BEST SELVES!