Fall through spring beginner classes are open now!

All Ballet students previously enrolled at Skagit Valley Academy of Dance, as well as any new students with previous dance experience, are required to attend our class placement auditions. This will ensure that each dancer is accurately placed in the appropriate level.

We encourage any student unable to attend the class placement audition to call and leave a detailed message including: the student's name, age, birthday, 2018/19 class placement level and their 2018/19 Ballet teacher's name. Notification helps us manage classroom size, and groups students in the best way so that they will be both challenged and successful. Absentees may be placed in the class level last attended for the teacher to adjudicate them, or we may notify you after auditions if the teachers can determine placement at that time.

Please note that students of SVAD are adjudicated and primarily placed according to their Ballet technique level. If your student does not take Ballet, please contact his/her teacher for class placement recommendation.