The newest style of dance, developed in the 1970s, Hip Hop refers to street dance styles primarily performed to hip hop music.  Hip Hop includes a wide range of styles, including but not limited to, breaking, locking, popping & tutting.  Hip Hop is by far a culture unto itself that takes our dancers on a journey and challenges them to articulate movements in the most subtle and the most grand of ways.    

Students are expected to master the basics at each level before progressing to the next, and are admitted into upper levels only by audition or invitation by the instructors. 

SVAD's Sam Donnelly goes head to head in a dance off with hip hop choreographer Hannah Wintrope at Seattle's DEA convention

Class Elements



Across the floor work

Dance combinations and performance routines

Hip Hop Attire Required

Sweat pants, baggy shorts, baggy t-shirt, jersey , tank top

Shoes with good support. Shoes should be just for dance - No street shoes.

No jeans, shorts above the knee, tight pants, sandals or bare feet.

Hair tied in a pony tail or bun

No Tennis shoes or bare feet.


Water Bottle